The 21st century perspective of the “pregnant virgin” theory

CAUTION: “This article is written with a pure scientific language and is not intended to rubbish the spiritual intent behind the characters represented. It’s meant strictly to subject the assertions/claims to logical scrutiny and as well do a bit of inter-generational comparison. Kindly Read with an open mind”

You might not want to talk about these sensitive issues or rather ignore them deliberately for the fear of violating a sacred order or a probable fear of the death penalty for a “curious cat” but I believe otherwise. I believe in critical thinking and actually prefer to utilize skepticism to arrive at realities than succumb to lazy thinking and fall victim to undue manipulations. So kindly drop the hypocritical suit and let’s repeat the forthcoming scene and see how it’ll sound to the 21st century ear.

I’m aware of the fact that modern intelligence is not independent and is actually motivated by previous factors. There were, has been, and will be several updates in all spheres of life to meet up the changing dynamics. Typical example is the modern day round earth theorists who studied the infamous flat earth assertion, drew out the flaws, refuted it and came up with a more holistic one with much sense. Same way we can subject a previous context that accepted the concept of a virgin being impregnated by a certain “spirit” which was purely motivated by lack of intelligence, to a logical test and actually draw a better view of that picture.

With regards to the above, a critical approach was implored to situate the issue of a pregnant virgin within the 21st century context with attempts to match it against logic and the available novelties. The Jesus theory was undoubtedly propounded within a context that lacks DNA revolution and a relative intelligence. The paternity of Christ would have been tested should the same claim be made today because of the scientific intelligence we have evolved.

Remove your religious spectacle and help me observe things from this perspective. Take for example, a virgin sibling of yours walking home one day to inform you in this 21st century that she’s pregnant and a certain spirit is responsible for it. It will sound total odd if not silly even if you are a religious priest, a pope or a committed ritualist.

Now, your doubts will not be motivated by the lack of believe in any doctrine or a rebellion of any sort but the available facts. The general enlightenment and social realities of our century will not allow anyone to believe or swallow such claims without subjecting it to a thorough scrutiny–even if it was a “spirit motivated” pregnancy, and the “son of God” factor is attached to it, we will still test the child’s DNA out of curiosity because, our breed is scientifically inclined.

The bottom line is that, there are context differences and indoctrination issues which means we cannot blame fully, our forebears for believing the “pregnant virgin” theory without critical assessment because the modus operandi of their society was purely theological which Isidore Marie Auguste François Xavier Comte, a renowned French philosopher referred to as a society that attributes every occurrence to a “God factor” which implies a minimal application of science and logical reasoning.

It is about time the 21st century citizenry accept it’s true identity to enable us identify and deal appropriately with some of these unfounded and illogical claims we were socialized to accept. The way we saw those who hitherto 21st century discoveries believed the earth was flat as amateurish and lazy thinkers, same way will posterity be disappointed in us for transferring illogical contents to them should we successfully fall victim of that…… save posterity the stress!!!!


Richard Kwame Krah
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