25 years of the 4th Replic of Ghana

Permit me to crack down the entire Ghanaian republican concept in a layman’s language for a common understanding so you can better comprehend my perception of the decision of this government to celebrate the day. The rationale behind the concept is advocacy for a stable democracy–one that gives sovereignty to the common man to decide who should or should not govern him/her. A democracy that promotes peace and security, erases one party system and as well do away with centralization of power as was the case in the history of Ghana.

Our leadership was not different from the usual African brutish way of ascending power through the formation of a conspired military to force governance down the throats of citizens but the ratification of the 1992 constitution as the supreme law of the nation which clearly spelt out the processes of power allocation, the structures of government as well as the regulations and eligibility criterion for political representation which altered that perception and boosted the fortunes of the republican advocacy and successfully dealt with imperialism.

Though very alien to the then Ghanaian political system, we successively incorporated this seemingly liberating concept into our political mode of operation. The democratic agenda was spiced by the admirable peaceful power transfer from the then “dictator”, Jerry John Rawlings and the effect trickled down to the Nana Addo lead administration that is deciding to celebrate the concept.

Initially, I did not in any way dispute the 4th republic celebration idea because a peaceful power transfer is worth it but I’ve receded on that decision after getting a bigger picture of the whole concept. They forgot to see the rots that accompanied the transfer. Aside the peace that we craved for, the transition equally evolved negativities hence choosing to waste resources to celebrate at the expense of highlighting these flaws is a miss. Along with the transfer was a bunch of leadership flaws, an intrinsic corruption, broad day light thievery and political selfishness.

Leadership in our Country has become more of “vote me to steal” than “vote me to serve”. The democratic concept was misconstrued hence getting abused by our politicians.

In my candid opinion, this milestone should have been treated as a national day of dialogue–a day on which we deliberate on the chain of corruption that has engulfed our political terrain. A day on which we run a retrospect of the deficiency in policy implementation since the first republic, correct our mistakes for a better Ghana certainly not a day for merry making which may end up seeing a common budget for the celebration being bloated to double our plights.

The day is far gone, the celebration is almost done, but permit me to remind the leadership of the Ghanaian 4th republic of the achievements of the 4th republic of France:
“The French 4th Republic saw an era of great economic growth and the rebuilding of the nation’s social institutions and industry. It played an important part in the development of the process of European integration which changed the continent permanently. The greatest accomplishments of the 4th Republic were in social reform and economic development. That government established a comprehensive social security system that assured unemployment insurance, disability, old-age pensions, and proper health care to all citizens”.

As you celebrate, deliberate on the fact that the French 4th republic for example, did not party those achievements into being. They adopted prudent economic policies, put up anti-corruption mechanisms and served whole heartedly to produce those results I have highlighted.

Richard Kwame Krah
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