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Mr. President, I will start this piece by drawing your attention to two particular things I’ve discovered about the Ghanaian citizenry that previous administrations overrated; their STUPIDITY and CYNICISM (excuse my language). You see that group of about 28 million people? I mean the very people who voted massively for you without a hesitation of any sort. They aren’t as stupid and cynical as they were projected to be. They understand and are duly aware of that illogical political formula the average Ghanaian politician uses but deliberately plays the “we don’t know” role to put you in a comfortable lead. By formula i mean that conspiracy to pay spoils to party favourites. The hasty appointment of party members into offices or awarding of contracts as a way of saying “thank you” for their support and sponsorship.

That formula is never peculiar to your government neither is it new in the Ghanaian political phase the more reason why you of all people should have skipped its dire effects but you chose to tow the same lane. You started with 110 ministers, added new ministries, gave out loose contracts, did all the juicy appointments into public spaces, some of your appointees even secured top spots for their children same way you did for yours. You’ve stretched hands to the people with few initiatives to save face which worked somehow well.

Mr. President, just when I checked the feeds “Yesterday”, you were a darling boy or ‘papa’ I should say, pampered by Ghanaians with all the sweet adjectives the dictionary could provide and if my thoughts are even that myopic, I will never forget the usual “God sent”, father of nations tag you were consistently associated with. I remembered the joy the general public graced you with when that free SHS was launched–the feeling was as if your presidential era or journey was going to be all rosy until you fell for that formula.

Karma they always say doesn’t lose an address and a garbage in them say is a garbage out. The rot you’ve planted has yielded fruit, the square peg you’ve placed in a round whole has torn the whole, and the incompetence you favoured to milk Ghana has ended up milking your reputation away with a simple “ignorantly” articulated shambolic budget. If competence was placed where it so belonged and due diligence done, flaws may have been noticed. An expert eye may have identified irrationality.

Today, the recklessness of budget defaulter has plunged your long built integrity into misery. It has dwindled miserably. I Personally monitored comments on major platforms after that scandalous incident occurred and found something very contrary to the image of the then NANA ADDO. The magnitude of hard-core insults under all your comments even on your own page has increased considerably and it’s very worrisome and I was equally trapped in that dilemma of perceiving Ghanaians as one set of ungrateful people who forget all your good deeds and crucify you for a single wrongdoing but I reconsidered that thought after having a critical look. The Ghanaian people (in your own tone) are not ungrateful. The people are just not stupid and that cynical. Every Ghanaian citizen is very awake and ready to spot manipulations.

Prior to this disheartening act, your promises were juicy and sweet to the ears like that of a gentleman to a lady at the peak of the #DISTIN. Ghanaians “dey believe your vibes” but when I last checked the comments under your recent “free university is possible with stronger economy” assertion, the first thing that caught my attention aside the numerous negative comments was a very simple savagery by a random guy. He wrote and I quote: “Nana is the new KING PROMISE”. Mr. President, the interpretation to that word play, is a story for the gods but as to what instigated the statement, you don’t need rocket science to know.

The old man next door once said that, old age and decorum are supposed to be like Bob Marley and cannabis–they need to go hand in hand. He further explained that, at his age, he is more closer to his creator hence have to portray desirable traits and set good examples to be emulated by the younger generation and leave errors from instant gratification to children to commit. Now why do I chose to border you with this? The entire Ghanaian citizenry was expecting an aftermath game changing statement. A statement that will soothe hearts and cool the chaos generated by that infamous budget that comes with details that even an “illiterate” who has never been to school won’t think to include. A budget that contradict your own statement that “you inherited a broke country”. A broke country with extravagant budget of that sort?

The people needed answers but were disappointed, and “those false corruption claims won’t distract us” was your alleged response. You see Mr. President, when the people themselves saw, felt and agreed it is black, it becomes very difficult to persuade them to believe it is blue. The facts and figures were out, some of your own party members condemned it and the general populace criticized it hence calling them false claims is like subjecting your public image or reputation to a very big question mark. We will pretend as if we have not heard you so you can organize a press and brief us with something convincing enough.

To cut things short and save us some time Mr. President, it has been a full year of saying THANK YOU to them (you know what I mean). The monies they made should be enough to cover their spoils plus other additions. Kindly do the necessary. Our expectations are high especially awaiting that first revolutionary presidential reshuffling to cut down the numbers and serve efficiency on a good note.

Your concerned “CITIZEN”

Richard Kwame Krah
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