Tax evasion in ghana

You know, anytime I hear people blame tax evasion fully on law enforcement, I am always tempted to believe they intentionally overlooked the reality or they probably are oblivious of the numerous causative factors to that effect. If the leadership attitude or that of the enforcers or power brokers themselves is questionable, it makes it difficult to take on defaulters or persuade them to buy into any “anti-tax evasion” campaign which eventually makes the law seemingly useless.

Let me establish categorically that Richard Kwame Krah is not in any way against this particular initiative but I must admit, I fear it may end up being a complete waste of first, the media space, the viewer’s time, as well as the tax payers money and in actual sense end up projecting a message more of a deliberate attempt to temper with the goodwill of Ghanaians than what it is intended to achieve if utmost caution is not observed by the political front to deal with its reckless attitudinal dynamics.

You know, it is ridiculous sometimes how politicians engage in all magnitudes of open financial malfeasance and corruption suggestive mannerisms which end up damaging their own political portfolio with a negative public opinion and in turn stage these sort of campaigns. The actual effect they intend to achieve anytime they implement such self-implicating initiatives baffles me a lot. Do they in anyway purport to reap a faithfulness they failed to plant?

Average Ghanaian politicians always make things difficult for themselves. You don’t need a PHD in human relation to understand that a decision made by a people motivated by negative impression through glare acts of unfaithfulness is very difficult to overturn. See, humans are already deviants by nature and are actually having that inner urge of rebellion due to biological predispositions. If you give them room to add a sense of financial insecurity to this already existing nature, it will be very difficult to regulate them.

You can’t take out the fact that there’s a direct relationship between political irresponsibility and tax evasion. It is very discouraging to offer if you are well informed of a wastage through a deliberate loot and share at the receiving end of your hard earned money. If you think a citizenry will cheaply grant you a spontaneous consensus on an issue of this calibre with a fair idea of the rots you are harbouring in mind, then I’m afraid you really need to rethink that perception.

In saner climes, no single individual will ever try or want to invest his resources into a wasteful venture. The best way to persuade a people to entrust their money into your hand is to demonstrate trust beyond all reasonable doubts not creating a system that promotes irresponsibility. You run a reputable government and a political front with an enviable sense of integrity not one that frowns on probity and accountability.

If you run a genuine poll out of a hundred, ninety-nine percent of the Ghanaian citizenry will synonymously perceive the concept politics as corruption and associate politicians to that effect not because they misconstrued the concept but because they have audience and witnessed the “unfaithfulness” of the political class (irrespective of any political divide).

Taxes build nations undoubtedly same way political behaviour equally speak volumes and determines the direction of social contract and citizenry consensus. Do the necessary by working on your public image first and actually change your political attitude before you disturb the populace with the commercials else you will only end up pouring water on stones and equally waste the scanty revenue you were able to accumulate.
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