Views of Kwame Krah

Time with the Atheist Who Owns Churches

Somewhere middle of last year, I had the opportunity to attend an entrepreneurial conference and as part of my usual stuff, I made time to build networks. I met Mr. A (hypothetical name), a relatively younger and well-grounded businessman who was part of the guests.

I chose to meet him because his delivery was catchy and convincing; the overriding theme that characterized his speech was "SMARTNESS". If there's anything I remember him for, it certainly is the concluding part of his presentation--"I am not rich; I am smart. If you take all my wealth away, I could create it back within a flash so far as my head still functions. If you're rich without a resourceful brain, you lose hope at a flinch of misfortune".

Now let me quickly expose you to my personal observation about speeches delivered by businessmen and motivational speakers. On the real, majority of them mostly end up wasting productive time and as well brag with theories without making any practical headway. Apart from the usual "save money" advice that even the layman could give, these supposed business minded people mostly fail to state categorically, a well-developed pragmatic start-up plan required to fuel an infant  business.

With that in mind, I chose to relate with Mr. A on a later date to get specific details about the master plan with which he broke through and made his money. My knowledge in human relation has actually helped me to build a good rapport and quickly familiarize myself with him. With time, we became close friends and actually relate on personal grounds.

Few months into our friendship I got a rumour he's an atheist which I didn't believe because I knew him as a very religious person. Since I don't work with speculations, I've decided to test him with either "God bless you" or "Jesus is coming soon" statements.

Now, if you're familiar with or has ever had a typical atheist as a friend or relative, you'll get to know the magnitude of hatred they have for those statements. If you receive a favour from a Gnostic atheist and you make the statement "God bless you", you better pray for the intervention of the spirit of tolerance. If not, gentleman, you've marred your relationship with him.

Second, if you put the anger of an intrinsic atheist to test, with the "Jesus is coming soon” statement, and that particular atheist is not a prodigal one, he will not under any circumstance argue that with you. He will throw a usual dare by asking you to "take a marker and write Jesus is coming soon on his wall; when you're 60 and He (Jesus) doesn't, he will bring you back to buy a paint and clean the nonsense".

I tried the second with utmost caution but it backfired. He predicted it and we both laughed it off. He then set a later date to feed my curiosity which I honoured and he opened up.

"Kwame; when I finished my first degree and completed my service, things were so tough. I wrote numerous application letters seeking jobs that never really existed. I took thousands of aptitude tests but couldn't get a call up. After three (3) good years, I realized I was lacking hence an urgent need to take an action. My course of study taught me to utilize my environment to my benefit so I did few visibility studies and discovered what actually sells in Ghana: religion and politics. They sell faster than anything.

Politics requires connection and demands money relative to religion. I chose religion and started with few friends (atheist). We pooled resources together, started a fifty (50) member capacity church and recruited a pastor. Within six months, we were able to expand it. It went on and on till where we are now. We have 3 major branches operated by well-trained pastors and accountants on regular salaries. We only supervise, take the cash, renovate and build new structures."

On What Happens When the Members Get To Know They Are Not Believers?

"....religious people hardly change their minds on things they believe. It's not a possibility but if it does we would have captured a lot of grounds and built structures. It's a whole project and we'll easily convert it into a business and employ them back. They don't have a choice. We actually built other businesses from what we made from the church where some of them actually work. It's a huge business on its own and it fetches a lot. It's just a thing about business; you should be smart.

On Ideological Conflicts:

Yes we are aware we don't like anything religious but there are exceptions when it comes to business. The fact is, the atheist community knew that religious people don't listen to anything apart from their respective doctrines so instead of engaging them in a fruitless argument, play their card by acting like one of them. We don't have the time to argue, we do business with them. It makes more sense.

On Sharing This Mind Blowing Discovery in a Write-Up:

You can but I'm trusting your words not to disclose to anyone my identity or that of the church--aside that, I'm cool. They should be smart and make good use of their environment too.

Richard Kwame Krah

Recent Craze for Doom Prophecies: The need for Standards to Regulate and Promote Decorum

The idea of taking undue advantage of people's vulnerability to the fear of the unknown to spit out anything that comes to mind will only end up subjecting the practice to ridicule. The recent craze for death threats, curses and what have you as a way of persuasion is just unreasonable and I think it's about time the Christian council define standards to regulate the outburst behaviour of some of these religious leaders/bodies.

I believe religion can be repackaged to project a considerable magnitude of positivism in thinking to help nurture a psychologically and emotionally healthy citizenry to drive a development agenda.
We don’t need to allow a type of religious practice that imbues fear and degrades the moral strength of people through all sorts of human fabricated obligations and unnecessary misfortune biased pronouncements in the form of prophecies.

I am not disputing the fact that there are predictions that do materialize--of course, we've seen lots of that in both academia and religion. We have scientific theories propounded in 17th/18th centuries that are still making contextual sense with their predictions in this 21st century.

We had great scholars ranging from Auguste Comte, Karl Marx, Adam Smith, Einstein, Aristotle, and their contemporaries who studied historical trends, socio-economic, cultural and scientific realities to draw conclusions and make predictions with accuracy or near accuracy which goes a long way to say that, religion does not have an absolute monopoly over predictions.

In the history of religion, there were great prophets who predicted and it came to pass but the difference between their practice and the current craze for doom Prophecy is that, their’s were more preventive, conditional and sensible which shared some scientific similarities.

There were instances where scientists came out with predictions of say, earthquakes or eclipse and advice appropriately like past religious prophets did with their prophecies. Scientists will tell you clearly that, at 1pm prompt, there'll be an eclipse which will result in a total blackout so avoid driving and direct eye contact, or there will be an earthquake so move from your current position.

The unfortunate side of doom prophecy is that, if a prophet of doom has a knowledge of an upcoming eclipse or earthquake, he will predict your blindness, accident, death and pray it happens for him to gain popularity instead of telling you the available remedies.

There must be standards to regulate such occurrences to promote decorum in religious practices in this country. There should be an obligation that requires anyone that alleges or asserts anything in this country, either in the form of prophecies, voodoo pronouncement or what have you to provide the basis under which those assertions are made and attach reasonable remedies--not a solution that coerces victims to be part of the prophet's church, cult or pay ransom amounts for redemption.

Define the standards and let them respect it.

Richard Kwame Krah

Martin Amidu's 'Perception' and the Game of Politics

Assuming your claim that, "former President Mahama was wrongly accused of corruption" is right which implies that he was actually a victim of 'Perception' and a deliberate plot to defame, why didn't he or any other concerned member of the party sue for substantiation knowing well that the law requires he who alleges/asserts to prove (Affirmati Non Neganti Incumbit Probato).

The big question you should be asking is, who in politics cares if that claim is right? The game of politics is a dirty one that features the smart not a child's play nor that of the "innocent" and the weak. If you're allergic to dirt, you don't wrestle with a pig. If you hate fire, you have no business in the kitchen. Same way if you're not smart, you should fall out of politics and get yourself a job that best suits your personality.

Political game is about how loud you can project your image to the masses by tarnishing that of your opponent. It is about the magnitude of denigration you can 'shoot' to the camp of your opposition with all the arsenals at your disposal. It is about how strong your propaganda machinery is.

I can without fear of any myopic political tag say that, the 2016 propaganda machinery of the New Patriotic Party was one of the best any political party has ever had. It was well organized with youthful exuberance throwing political career damaging jabs from all angles whilst ‘yaanom’ were "power-drunk" and exchanging pleasantries with arrogance.

“Otashi Otwa tea” now you're here crying over spilt milk that Martin Amidu said his corruption allegations were based on perception.

What was your propaganda machinery doing when others were busily drafting strong worded campaign statements? Where was your damage control when the damage was being caused? Where was your defense when the attacks were mounted to 'assassinate' John Mahama's political character as you've claimed?

Y'all harboring sentiments and unfounded emotional bombs lurking to spot a blame game and explode should hold your chill and rather advise your people to correct their flaws. Channeling your energy towards an unproductive social media rant is a complete waste of time. Nobody really cares. We seriously don't.

Richard Kwame Krah

The Gitmo 2 Saga: A Game of Politics and Slander

In 2016, when the then ruling government (NDC) decided to accommodate Mahmud Umar Muhammad Bin Atef and Khalid Muhammad Salih Al-Dhuby, the two ex- Guantanamo Bay detainees, the minority then (NPP) disputed that decision with all aversions.

They've stated reasons ranging from threat to the Ghanaian security as well as speculated allegations of some alleged underground transaction between the Obama administration and that of John Dramani Mahama.

I could remember how it was successfully articulated as one of the New Patriotic Party's 2016 campaign strategy to incite the common voter against their political rivals.

I equally remembered how the Catholic Bishops Conference consistently pressured the government calling for the repatriation of the two detainees to the United States.

Now the NPP in power, minister for foreign affairs, Shirley Ayorkor Botchway, is telling Ghanaians that the supposedly dangerous GITMO 2 have been granted refugee status premised on a clause of "possible integration" hence there isn't a need for repatriation.

I wish I could equally advance the numerous "threat to security" arguments but it's not worth the time--what is important is the slanderous image this act of contradictory political unfaithfulness seem to be painting  of the highest court of our land.

The Supreme Court ruled out the legality of the GITMO 2 agreement with a strong argument of a breach of Article 75 of the 1992 Constitution by the then President John Dramani Mahama.

The court went forth as accurate as I could remember to give a three month ultimatum to parliament to either ratify the final majority decision or the court will be compelled to repatriate.

If the Supreme Court concluded that, whoever signed this agreement goofed big time, why are there so many political powers at play that seem to be overshadowing the court's decision?

The mere fact that the minority now--I mean the very people who accepted this offer when they were in power are seeking clarity on reasons for their stay after the stipulated time has elapsed and the majority who use to avert this decision deciding to defend it now is actually rendering this whole thing very dilemmic and fishier than we ever perceived it.

What actually is the game changing factor? Is there anything juicy surrounding this whole GITMO 2 saga that the lay voter doesn't have a clue of?



Congratulations first and foremost Mr. President for appointing the former Attorney General who happens to come from the camp of the opposition to occupy such a delicate portfolio. It is a politically correct decision, wise by all standards and a way of frustrating your opposition.


Your complement is well noted Kwame. I am equally well informed of your consistent interest in national issues. Keep the good work up. What motivates you to do this anyways?


The Rot in the system Mr. President. A mere sight of fat bellied super rich hypocritical politicians with insatiable greed amidst a poverty stricken citizenry, substandard leadership full of managerial incompetence, consistent friends and family governance amidst high rates of unemployment, disheartening acts of injustice perpetuated against the layman as well as the proliferation of abominable Corruption. I am allergic to them.


Great. The issue of corruption is very worrisome and of delicate concern to me particularly that of the NDC. You saw how they presided over a government that bloated a budget just to draw pictures of ex-Presidents on vehicles, and also instigated those inhumane SADA- GEEDA frauds and so many others? Martin Amidu will soon probe everything fishy by those past corrupt government officials and bring them to book.


Yes I saw all that with all humility Mr. President. But I don't think corruption is peculiar to one administration. Your infantile government is equally tagged already with corruption allegations ranging from the insignificant Ghc1,800 each fine for a first degree felony of court evasion by the delta force, the BOST and PURC saga, a hooping Ghc800,000 for a website, 100,000 for seat and many more. Will the special prosecutor deal with them too?

Secondly, what is your definition for "past corrupt government officials"? Does it start from the time of the first Democratic government till date or the focus is just on the John Dramani Mahama lead administration?


The definition of past corrupt government officials? I will leave that for the right office to determine. The Ghc800,000 for a website I was told is a "typographical error", the BOST, PURC, and delta force cases are stories for the gods. As for the 100k for seats, "I am not aware". A committee is looking into that so let's leave it aside. If I seek your opinion on who to lay off in my government, who will you suggest?


I will humbly suggest the person (s) who advised you to make that statement at the sod cutting for the one district one factory at Ekumfi--"it is envisioned that 51 districts will actually start the implementation of their enterprises (factories) by the end of the year (2017)". I personally think he, she or they should have prompted you to organize a press conference or seize a good opportunity to explain to Ghanaians why you couldn't even build a retail shop talkless of a factory before the end of 2017. That would have helped you to lay issues to bare and provide answers to all the ‘WHY’ questions to clear the doubts of the numerous hungry unemployed graduates awaiting that initiative. It equally shows a sign of respect for the intelligence of the common voter and I strongly believe the good people of Ghana will appreciate and accept you for telling them the truth than keeping mute on it.


“Wo aka Asem oo”! That was the exact thing that came to mind--to address all those issues in my end of year message but I thought they may misconstrue the idea and take me for a liar. I equally thought of the propaganda the minority will make out of it but it's not too late anyways. Put that aside and let me ask my last question.

If an election is scheduled for next year and I ask you to persuade Ghanaians, who will you suggest they vote for?


I will advise them to either vote for "a collation of the minor parties (that is if they'll ever consider that) or find something better doing with their lives on that faithful day. The NDC and NPP are cousins who deserve to be alienated from anything politics in this country if we're indeed serious about development.


But the current research by Dr Bossman, a lecturer from the political science department of the University of Ghana predicted a win of approximately 52 percent for the NPP. What do you say about that??


Mr. President, Dr Bossman is a staunch member of the NPP lecturers’ caucus which simply implies the celebrants of that finding are only dancing to a music composed by a gentleman to adjudge his mother's soup. A research conducted on a sample size of five thousand people out of a population of about thirty million with not even a clearly defined method is a layman's research. Generalizing that result will be the lamest mistake to be committed by any scholar. Per my opinion, such researches only end up granting the beneficiary a false hope to put him/her in a "COMFORTABLE LEAD". If you need further explanation on that statement, ask the NDC. They will school you on how devastating the effect of that statement can be.


"Comfortable lead" sounds familiar though. I understand exactly where you're coming from and I will do the necessary by reminding my people to work hard and curb the dire effects of that pronouncement. Kwame, let's call it shot. I have some ministerial reshuffling to do. I will invite you on a later date...


I doff my hat for your time Mr. President. There's no need catching feelings if my response sounds a bit "irregular". Speaking to Presidents is typical of my dreams anytime I eat Daavi's kenkey before sleeping on my crooked bed. I will still send a narrative of the dream to your inbox anyways. Regards!!!

Richard Kwame Krah

25 Years of the 4th Republic of Ghana

Permit me to crack down the entire Ghanaian republican concept in a layman's language for a common understanding so you can better comprehend my perception of the decision of this government to celebrate the day. The rationale behind the concept is advocacy for a stable democracy--one that gives sovereignty to the common man to decide who should or should not govern him/her. A democracy that promotes peace and security, erases one party system and as well do away with centralization of power as was the case in the history of Ghana.

Our leadership was not different from the usual African brutish way of ascending power through the formation of a conspired military to force governance down the throats of citizens but the ratification of the 1992 constitution as the supreme law of the nation which clearly spelt out the processes of power allocation, the structures of government as well as the regulations and eligibility criterion for political representation which altered that perception and boosted the fortunes of the republican advocacy and successfully dealt with imperialism.

Though very alien to the then Ghanaian political system, we successively incorporated this seemingly liberating concept into our political mode of operation. The democratic agenda was spiced by the admirable peaceful power transfer from the then “dictator”, Jerry John Rawlings and the effect trickled down to the Nana Addo lead administration that is deciding to celebrate the concept.

Initially, I did not in any way dispute the 4th republic celebration idea because a peaceful power transfer is worth it but I've receded on that decision after getting a bigger picture of the whole concept. They forgot to see the rots that accompanied the transfer. Aside the peace that we craved for, the transition equally evolved negativities hence choosing to waste resources to celebrate at the expense of highlighting these flaws is a miss. Along with the transfer was a bunch of leadership flaws, an intrinsic corruption, broad day light thievery and political selfishness.

Leadership in our Country has become more of "vote me to steal" than "vote me to serve". The democratic concept was misconstrued hence getting abused by our politicians.

In my candid opinion, this milestone should have been treated as a national day of dialogue--a day on which we deliberate on the chain of corruption that has engulfed our political terrain. A day on which we run a retrospect of the deficiency in policy implementation since the first republic, correct our mistakes for a better Ghana certainly not a day for merry making which may end up seeing a common budget for the celebration being bloated to double our plights.

The day is far gone, the celebration is almost done, but permit me to remind the leadership of the Ghanaian 4th republic of the achievements of the 4th republic of France:
"The French 4th Republic saw an era of great economic growth and the rebuilding of the nation's social institutions and industry. It played an important part in the development of the process of European integration which changed the continent permanently. The greatest accomplishments of the 4th Republic were in social reform and economic development. That government established a comprehensive social security system that assured unemployment insurance, disability, old-age pensions, and proper health care to all citizens".

As you celebrate, deliberate on the fact that the French 4th republic for example, did not party those achievements into being. They adopted prudent economic policies, put up anti-corruption mechanisms and served whole heartedly to produce those results I have highlighted.

Richard Kwame Krah

Ghana: Political Irresponsibility and Tax Evasion

You know, anytime I hear people blame tax evasion fully on law enforcement, I am always tempted to believe they intentionally overlooked the reality or they probably are oblivious of the numerous causative factors to that effect. If the leadership attitude or that of the enforcers or power brokers themselves is questionable, it makes it difficult to take on defaulters or persuade them to buy into any "anti-tax evasion" campaign which eventually makes the law seemingly useless.

Let me establish categorically that Richard Kwame Krah is not in any way against this particular initiative but I must admit, I fear it may end up being a complete waste of first, the media space, the viewer's time, as well as the tax payers money and in actual sense end up projecting a message more of a deliberate attempt to temper with the goodwill of Ghanaians than what it is intended to achieve if utmost caution is not observed by the political front to deal with its reckless attitudinal dynamics.

You know, it is ridiculous sometimes how politicians engage in all magnitudes of open financial malfeasance and corruption suggestive mannerisms which end up damaging their own political portfolio with a negative public opinion and in turn stage these sort of campaigns. The actual effect they intend to achieve anytime they implement such self-implicating initiatives baffles me a lot. Do they in anyway purport to reap a faithfulness they failed to plant?

Average Ghanaian politicians always make things difficult for themselves. You don't need a PHD in human relation to understand that a decision made by a people motivated by negative impression through glare acts of unfaithfulness is very difficult to overturn. See, humans are already deviants by nature and are actually having that inner urge of rebellion due to biological predispositions. If you give them room to add a sense of financial insecurity to this already existing nature, it will be very difficult to regulate them.

You can't take out the fact that there's a direct relationship between political irresponsibility and tax evasion. It is very discouraging to offer if you are well informed of a wastage through a deliberate loot and share at the receiving end of your hard earned money. If you think a citizenry will cheaply grant you a spontaneous consensus on an issue of this calibre with a fair idea of the rots you are harbouring in mind, then I'm afraid you really need to rethink that perception.

In saner climes, no single individual will ever try or want to invest his resources into a wasteful venture. The best way to persuade a people to entrust their money into your hand is to demonstrate trust beyond all reasonable doubts not creating a system that promotes irresponsibility. You run a reputable government and a political front with an enviable sense of integrity not one that frowns on probity and accountability.

If you run a genuine poll out of a hundred, ninety-nine percent of the Ghanaian citizenry will synonymously perceive the concept politics as corruption and associate politicians to that effect not because they misconstrued the concept but because they have audience and witnessed the "unfaithfulness" of the political class (irrespective of any political divide).

Taxes build nations undoubtedly same way political behaviour equally speak volumes and determines the direction of social contract and citizenry consensus. Do the necessary by working on your public image first and actually change your political attitude before you disturb the populace with the commercials else you will only end up pouring water on stones and equally waste the scanty revenue you were able to accumulate.

A Letter to the President

Mr. President, I will start this piece by drawing your attention to two particular things I've discovered about the Ghanaian citizenry that previous administrations overrated; their STUPIDITY and CYNICISM (excuse my language). You see that group of about 28 million people? I mean the very people who voted massively for you without a hesitation of any sort. They aren't as stupid and cynical as they were projected to be. They understand and are duly aware of that illogical political formula the average Ghanaian politician uses but deliberately plays the "we don't know" role to put you in a comfortable lead. By formula i mean that conspiracy to pay spoils to party favourites. The hasty appointment of party members into offices or awarding of contracts as a way of saying "thank you" for their support and sponsorship.

That formula is never peculiar to your government neither is it new in the Ghanaian political phase the more reason why you of all people should have skipped its dire effects but you chose to tow the same lane. You started with 110 ministers, added new ministries, gave out loose contracts, did all the juicy appointments into public spaces, some of your appointees even secured top spots for their children same way you did for yours. You've stretched hands to the people with few initiatives to save face which worked somehow well.

Mr. President, just when I checked the feeds "Yesterday", you were a darling boy or 'papa' I should say, pampered by Ghanaians with all the sweet adjectives the dictionary could provide and if my thoughts are even that myopic, I will never forget the usual "God sent", father of nations tag you were consistently associated with. I remembered the joy the general public graced you with when that free SHS was launched--the feeling was as if your presidential era or journey was going to be all rosy until you fell for that formula.

Karma they always say doesn't lose an address and a garbage in them say is a garbage out. The rot you’ve planted has yielded fruit, the square peg you've placed in a round whole has torn the whole, and the incompetence you favoured to milk Ghana has ended up milking your reputation away with a simple "ignorantly" articulated shambolic budget. If competence was placed where it so belonged and due diligence done, flaws may have been noticed. An expert eye may have identified irrationality.

Today, the recklessness of budget defaulter has plunged your long built integrity into misery. It has dwindled miserably. I Personally monitored comments on major platforms after that scandalous incident occurred and found something very contrary to the image of the then NANA ADDO. The magnitude of hard-core insults under all your comments even on your own page has increased considerably and it's very worrisome and I was equally trapped in that dilemma of perceiving Ghanaians as one set of ungrateful people who forget all your good deeds and crucify you for a single wrongdoing but I reconsidered that thought after having a critical look. The Ghanaian people (in your own tone) are not ungrateful. The people are just not stupid and that cynical. Every Ghanaian citizen is very awake and ready to spot manipulations.

Prior to this disheartening act, your promises were juicy and sweet to the ears like that of a gentleman to a lady at the peak of the #DISTIN. Ghanaians "dey believe your vibes" but when I last checked the comments under your recent "free university is possible with stronger economy" assertion, the first thing that caught my attention aside the numerous negative comments was a very simple savagery by a random guy. He wrote and I quote: "Nana is the new KING PROMISE”. Mr. President, the interpretation to that word play, is a story for the gods but as to what instigated the statement, you don't need rocket science to know.

The old man next door once said that, old age and decorum are supposed to be like Bob Marley and cannabis--they need to go hand in hand. He further explained that, at his age, he is more closer to his creator hence have to portray desirable traits and set good examples to be emulated by the younger generation and leave errors from instant gratification to children to commit. Now why do I chose to border you with this? The entire Ghanaian citizenry was expecting an aftermath game changing statement. A statement that will soothe hearts and cool the chaos generated by that infamous budget that comes with details that even an "illiterate" who has never been to school won't think to include. A budget that contradict your own statement that "you inherited a broke country". A broke country with extravagant budget of that sort?

The people needed answers but were disappointed, and "those false corruption claims won't distract us" was your alleged response. You see Mr. President, when the people themselves saw, felt and agreed it is black, it becomes very difficult to persuade them to believe it is blue. The facts and figures were out, some of your own party members condemned it and the general populace criticized it hence calling them false claims is like subjecting your public image or reputation to a very big question mark. We will pretend as if we have not heard you so you can organize a press and brief us with something convincing enough.

To cut things short and save us some time Mr. President, it has been a full year of saying THANK YOU to them (you know what I mean). The monies they made should be enough to cover their spoils plus other additions. Kindly do the necessary. Our expectations are high especially awaiting that first revolutionary presidential reshuffling to cut down the numbers and serve efficiency on a good note.

Your concerned "CITIZEN"

Richard Kwame Krah

The 21st Century Perspective of The "Pregnant Virgin" Theory

CAUTION: "This article is written with a pure scientific language and is not intended to rubbish the spiritual intent behind the characters represented. It’s meant strictly to subject the assertions/claims to logical scrutiny and as well do a bit of inter-generational comparison. Kindly Read with an open mind"

You might not want to talk about these sensitive issues or rather ignore them deliberately for the fear of violating a sacred order or a probable fear of the death penalty for a "curious cat" but I believe otherwise. I believe in critical thinking and actually prefer to utilize skepticism to arrive at realities than succumb to lazy thinking and fall victim to undue manipulations. So kindly drop the hypocritical suit and let's repeat the forthcoming scene and see how it'll sound to the 21st century ear.

I'm aware of the fact that modern intelligence is not independent and is actually motivated by previous factors. There were, has been, and will be several updates in all spheres of life to meet up the changing dynamics. Typical example is the modern day round earth theorists who studied the infamous flat earth assertion, drew out the flaws, refuted it and came up with a more holistic one with much sense. Same way we can subject a previous context that accepted the concept of a virgin being impregnated by a certain "spirit" which was purely motivated by lack of intelligence, to a logical test and actually draw a better view of that picture.

With regards to the above, a critical approach was implored to situate the issue of a pregnant virgin within the 21st century context with attempts to match it against logic and the available novelties. The Jesus theory was undoubtedly propounded within a context that lacks DNA revolution and a relative intelligence. The paternity of Christ would have been tested should the same claim be made today because of the scientific intelligence we have evolved.

Remove your religious spectacle and help me observe things from this perspective. Take for example, a virgin sibling of yours walking home one day to inform you in this 21st century that she's pregnant and a certain spirit is responsible for it. It will sound total odd if not silly even if you are a religious priest, a pope or a committed ritualist.

Now, your doubts will not be motivated by the lack of believe in any doctrine or a rebellion of any sort but the available facts. The general enlightenment and social realities of our century will not allow anyone to believe or swallow such claims without subjecting it to a thorough scrutiny--even if it was a "spirit motivated" pregnancy, and the "son of God" factor is attached to it, we will still test the child's DNA out of curiosity because, our breed is scientifically inclined.

The bottom line is that, there are context differences and indoctrination issues which means we cannot blame fully, our forebears for believing the "pregnant virgin" theory without critical assessment because the modus operandi of their society was purely theological which Isidore Marie Auguste François Xavier Comte, a renowned French philosopher referred to as a society that attributes every occurrence to a "God factor" which implies a minimal application of science and logical reasoning.

It is about time the 21st century citizenry accept it's true identity to enable us identify and deal appropriately with some of these unfounded and illogical claims we were socialized to accept. The way we saw those who hitherto 21st century discoveries believed the earth was flat as amateurish and lazy thinkers, same way will posterity be disappointed in us for transferring illogical contents to them should we successfully fall victim of that...... save posterity the stress!!!!

Richard Kwame Krah

The Bigotry of Trump--Jerusalem

Donald Trump just exhibited his usual bigotry to have recklessly recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital at the expense of Palestine. He may be entitled to and actually acted on a legal requirement to migrate the U.S. Embassy anywhere he likes but he missed the timing seriously and equally utilized a very wrong approach considering how fragile this case is.

The Jerusalem argument is a delicate ancient issue which demands a gradual and cautious approach to prevent the aggravation of the already existing Middle -East hostilities, not a lame statement like "I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel". Like seriously, you have decided?

Who grants sovereignty with mere speculations? Lots of lives were lost over this issue and all other world giants like Russia and China for example are being extra cautious in handling it and the very people themselves involved are in a process to sign a peace treaty and you just come in to destroy everything with a reckless decision of that sort?

Mr. Trump, you don't just wake up and make pronouncements about issues without recourse; there are historical and geographical proofs that Israel does not and cannot solely lay claims on Jerusalem. The judgment on Jerusalem is too complicated to be handled with a mere statement of hate made hastily.

It was very lame and amateurish to make such a baseless conclusion; it just sounds like waging into a marital brawl and granting custody of a child to either parent without having a clue of the dangers involved. You'll just end up nurturing a sense of injustice which is very dangerous.

Results of such sensitive issues are birthed with series of negotiations between the parties involved, not any unfounded pronouncement. Now you've ended up halting the Middle East peace process, You've revamped the Israelis and Palestinian hatred and activated series of protests that are looming up with dangers which probably will result in loss of lives as we had in the past and you call yourself a leader? Hell no Trump! You aren’t a leader. You're just a frustrated bigot who doesn't know what leadership is all about. Wake up!




It's very pathetic how those disgruntled victims of brute and enslaved Libyans probably thought  karma is a frustrated bitch that rewards cruelty with honey and milk; No! It unfortunately isn't.  Karma pays rot for rot and brute for brute.

You once had a great leader who laid his life down to protect you; a leader that defied all odds to overthrow the then Libyan monarchical rule and replaced it with an "enviable autocracy".

An autocracy with which he ensured his citizens had a good quality of life. One with which he gave you good education, met your health and housing needs with affordable services and equally implemented prudent economic measures which directly reduced your cost of living and boosted your living standards.

He run a government, instituted relevant policies in a bid to lead Libya into socialism. Life in Libya under Gaddafi, though not all rosy, was a great threat to foreign counterparts because he called their bluffs of monotony over relatively desirable living standards off.

He was a well-grounded Pan Africanist who fought furiously and consistently against imperialism to liberate his own people and Africa from colonialism. But in the end, you connived with the Americans and the French to capture, subject him to brutish treatment and killed him to pave way for a heartless gang leadership.

It's Very funny how you thought you could eat your cake and have it. He told you before that, after all these, "Those who do not love me do not deserve to live" and it's obvious you're seriously reaping what your forebears sowed; your misery was a well calculated, conscious and deliberate choice so WHY DO YOU CRY FAULT?




Mr. President, there's too much agitation over your statement, your citizens need clarifications. You may be respecting the legal perspective which raises multiple human right arguments but this particular issue I fear is value based and very delicate to be handled recklessly. Our culture seriously frowns on or abhors what your statement seem to be promoting your stance on sensitive issues of this caliber determines what your subjects will or will not do.

Your current statement if not clarified will result in an outrageous proliferation of what will be a total disgrace to our cultural values. Mr. President, it's obvious that the fear of victimization and exclusion by those who offer us aid is a major reason why you played their card but I think you of all people should be the last person to fear such a thing because you consistently preached against foreign aid hence their withdrawal should actually be a plus to your agenda unless you're just hiding behind that "GHANA BEYOND AID" statement to fool the Ghanaian citizenry.

Mr. President, former president Mills categorically told David Cameron, the then UK prime minister without fear or favor that, he does not have the right to direct and order sovereign nations pertaining what they should or should not practice and equally stated clearly that he will not under any circumstance legalize homosexuality with much reference to our respective value differences. He was threatened with a withdrawal of aid but he didn't fall for it and the end result was worth it. The general public I remember vividly applauded him for his courage.

Mr. President, the "NANA ADDO FANATICS, and party communicators wish they had the capacity to implore all the necessary defense mechanisms and the words with which to convince Ghanaians that you didn't mean what they thought but the people are not stupid. They are enlightened and they know exactly what the implication or hidden intent of your statement is. Mr. President, you're losing public credibility just because of one reckless statement. Public opinion is against that pronouncement--the people are crying fault which should tell you something is really going wrong. People who hitherto this interview had never questioned your leadership are now disrespecting you with unnecessary derogatory statements on your social media handles.

Mr. President, you represent the Ghanaian people and their respective cultural heritage and the last mistake you want to try is to disappoint them. Please and please preserve the unique and distinct cultural values that differentiate the typical Ghanaian from the rest of the world.

You run a government for the people not a government that pleases and gives credence to foreign interest at the expense of the convenience of its own people. Whatever transpired in that interview does not conform to the NANA ADDO brand. It doesn't project the "Christ-like image" that you've presented to the religious people which some actually voted for, neither does it conform to the all charismatic, very resilient, resolute and a concerned leader we all voted for.

Mr. President, the good people of Ghana voted for a positive change not gayism. We voted for a strong leader not a conformist and a coward who would bow to pressure and abandon us in times of crisis than protect us. Mr. President, this is the voice of the people as I have duly submitted. We believe in you, don't disappoint us.

Your concerned citizen and a son of the land.



Aggor Yorm is a film maker, writer and the producer of Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival.

She is very Ghanaian and seeks to promote patriotism, lifestyle and creative writing amongst the youth; ladies especially, by addressing everyday relatable Ghanaian issues and experiences.


Yesterday was a very sad day for the entire Ghanaian citizenry; a day our unstoppable tears, grief, sorrow, despair, adject poverty, hunger and a combination of all of the nation's problems were revived. I was soaked in tears when I saw a reportage that the Danish government through Anders Samuelsen, Denmark’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, has officially apologized to Ghana for its role in the dark history of slave trade in the then Gold Coast. He was quoted to have said that “We share a dark history of slave trade; it is sinful and an unforgivable part of any history. Nothing can justify it, the exploitation of men, women and children, in which Denmark took part,”.

The big question is, what exactly is he being sorry for? Is it for the numerous women and children they've raped and impregnated, the 18th century heartless Danish transportation of 3,000 innocent African souls annually to be sold for rums and molasses in the West Indies or he is being sorry for the 19th century inhumane capturing, torturing and brutish shipping of approximately 100,000 enslaved Africans?

They might either be rendering this apology for the enormous resources they've stolen along with the slaves which undoubtedly summed up the general African poverty, the numerous people they've killed and maimed out of rebellion against enslavement or they probably are sorry for selecting the highly productive breeds, transporting and subjecting them to multiple industrial maltreatment to aid build their respective nations whilst debilitating ours to in the end lure us to seek "greener pastures" and aid from them?

After those catastrophic, callous and barbaric acts of yours, you shamelessly return to the very generation whose forebearers you've treated like animals seeking a supposed "mutually beneficial bilateral partnership". Very pathetic; you refer that as mutually beneficial? To who? What you are engaging in is a parasitic broad daylight bloodsucking business. It certainly cannot be mutually beneficial when you already have the positive impacts of our productive people and resources on your side. I'll pretend I've not seen that.

It's about time the Ghanaian government, stop living under the delusion of thinking itself tolerant, all peaceful and the deception of "having a forgiving heart"; it will be very illogical, a shared fool*shness, negligence and carelessness on our side to condone, liberate and even grant business opportunities to foreign criminals, murderers by all standards and psychopathic vandals whilst our own citizens are in prison for committing menial domestic crimes.

If wobbling around or imploring infamous words to render unqualified apologies amounts to granting of freedom to criminals and actually awarding them contracts, then bring out all the prisoners from our own prisons, let them apologise and live among us. Impossible I guess!

Ghanaian politicians may buy into your trap out of a mere hunger and desperation for the money you are bringing which they pretend they're not aware was made from the slave trade but are ever ready to loot, share and in the end fall to the malicious effects of the latent/undisclosed reasons behind your sudden offer but I can assure you that the grief and tears of the people you've chained, the blood of the innocent ones you've killed, maimed and raped will forever hunt you. Soon and very soon, the rains will fall, the selfless wisdom trees planted on the continent will grow and the odds will turn against you and do remember that, JUSTICE DELAYED THEY SAY ISN'T A JUSTICE DENIED.



Fooled to have believed that the seemingly monarchical and autocratic rule by the Legendary Robert Mugabe has ended, many Africans especially the Zimbabweans took to the streets and social media to register their gratitude for his resignation from his long term leadership.

The person of Robert Mugabe may have heeded to the public outcry, political pressure as well as the planned impeachment by the Zimbabwean parliament to cave his political career in to ensure peace and prevent chaos but I believe Africa has many more Mugabes left to deal with than a single freedom fighter.

The composition of the celebrants, I mean the group that celebrated the fall of Mugabe baffled me a lot and actually entrenched the difficulty in finding an answer to my thought provoking question of WHO THE REAL MUGABE IS?

If the perceptual definition of Mugabe is "a stiff necked and aged leader who refused to resign from post to make room for others to take their chances and deal with archaic leadership styles to boost productivity and enhance development", then that celebrant group is highly questionable and must be disbanded immediately because it's membership does not in any way merit the mission of the group.

If that group really aims to chant the infamous "MUGABE MUST GO" mantra then it must as a necessity do away with the hypocritical, staff aided frauds and spinners of yarns in the African formal work sector, almost at the age of death consistently reviewing their age of retirement to frustrate and kill the dreams and opportunities of the young and vibrant upcoming youths without any remorse.

If not self-contradiction or a mere confusion, what on earth will motivate that young lad to chant repeatedly the "thank God Mugabe is gone" phrase after having age frauds as grandparents, aunties and uncles who are still at post with their pathetic selves?

If not hypocrisy what exactly will make Africans conspire and chase Mugabe away but allow the "MUGABES" to stay, waste our resources, retard development and worst of it all increase unemployment?

It's very pathetic how we have suddenly abandoned the numerous lions in our backyards to rather chase and kill the one deep inside a forest.

The funny feature African footballers and formal sector workers share in common is the well-known PHDs they both hold in backdating their ages to fool themselves to the grave.

If the cry is for Mugabe to resign and he actually did, then our greedy grandparents, uncles and aunties should equally respect their ages and resign. The African population is a very youthful one; pave way for the energetic youths to strive and speed up our developmental expeditions.


The Bane of the “Unbeliever" and Our “Confused” Christendom

After reading my "annoying" lengthy revolutionary religious article, he slid into my inbox and enumerated all the reasons why I should desist from unbelievers (I doubt who he thinks they are though) because they're going to hell and actually follow him to his church to "honour the Sabbath" rather than opting to worship God from my own closet. Omnipresence might have lost its value I guess.

Amidst the conversation I remembered Mark Zuckerberg (the owner of Facebook) and Steve Wozniak (The co-inventor of the iPhone he was using) are atheists so I asked him to redefine "unbelievers" because, you know what I mean. “Intrinsic Atheist don't believe in anything but you use their platform and phone to type "stuff" and in turn revile them? Maybe the sect of Christendom he ascribed to is somehow confused if not frustrated.

If not, why would you use the platform of atheists and in turn envelop them in a set called unbelievers and refer to them as "Infidels, literally the unfaithful or those who doubt or reject central tenets of religion?" If not confusion, why would you read your doctrine from Google, a platform owned by Larry Page, a complete Buddhist and still have the guts to wobble around infamous words to declare him and every other Buddhist lost and possible candidates of hell?

The most charitable person on earth as I type these words is Bill Gates, an absolute Atheist but he found delight in helping the poor whilst the supposed candidates of a utopian heaven buy private jets, rides illogically expensive cars and lives all the extravagant lives with what they mobilize from the lay-poor. Who is lost in reality? The owner of jets with poverty stricken followers or the atheist who builds a foundation that gives out a hooping $28billion in a single year to keep the needy alive whilst they worship God and prepare their souls for heaven?

He might have awakened a beast in me to have brought the religious argument to my doorways. I believe religion has its own lane to respect, doctrines to redefine and a set of dogmatic people to target with it's unfounded, hypocritical, sanctimonious, and paradoxical tenets but certainly not the territory of the rebel few who knows there's no way a God energy or concept will support hypocrisy at the neglect of reality. Behind the religious guise I have always said and I repeat, is a generation that claims holy but is rotten in reality.

You must be tickling yourself and be laughing to have thought there's a God who will overlook the good conscience of such category of people and cast them into a supposed flame of fire to suffer after their good deeds whilst the real “criminals” sit on some throne elsewhere.

Then that God will surely fall victim of Richard Dawkins' venomous description of a God concept as being "arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully".

No you didn't get that twist! I personally prefer to dine with a prostitute who gives refuge to the vulnerable than a religious nun who hides her outrageously immoral sexual escapades in a robe to deceive men thinking God is glaucomic not to have noticed her ignorance. I surely need to end this before it escalates. I better do before the wanderers get damaged. If you visit your place of worship, make sure you perform your rituals in truth not under a hypocritical guise.

Your concerned friend at the extreme!



Ghana's Special Prosecutor: Reality or Mere Political Gimmicks

When the New Patriotic Party assumed office, they made us understand that the National Democratic Congress left a messed up economy characterised by rots of all standards, daylight robberies, corruption and deliberate bloating of contracts to loot and share which demands prosecution and possible incarcerations should the suspects be found culpable of their respective charges.

We have been promised on several occasions and duly informed of the coming of a special prosecutor to handle the case with an intent to avoid the usual political "witch hunting" tag but this seem to be taking too long. The President himself told the entire Ghana that the prosecutor will come by October but we are in November and still counting.

Now, the alleged criminals themselves who under normal circumstances are supposed to be appealing to apologetic behaviours to buy public sympathies whilst awaiting their doom days are rather calling the bluffs on government to 'bring it on' which seem to be reducing the government to a toothless lion that professes valour but has nothing to offer in reality.

Typical example of such bluffs is the consistent call for prosecution by The Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC). Hon Koku Anyidoho said on several occasions and recently on Joy Fm's super morning show that, the previous John Mahama lead administration did not engage in any dubious act and that they are ready to face the prosecutor any day any hour. Second, is that of the Member of Parliament for Tamale North, Hon. Suhuyini who equally made a daring statement and I quote that "If the mess we left is so apparent or glaring, why are they waiting for the special prosecutor before they prosecute?"

Mr. President, I believe the relatively larger percent of the Ghanaian people that voted massively for this change are patiently waiting for you to clean the system of corruption and may be greatly disappointed should you fail to do so.

The refusal to prosecute these allegedly corrupt past officials may simply imply two things; it's either all the allegations enumerated against the previous government officials were mere propagandas and actually meant to score political points or a possible future amendment, preparation or a deliberate purchasing of future forgiveness or mercy should you fall victim of the same crime.

If not, then please and please, cut down every unnecessary bureaucracy holding down or retarding the processing of the prosecutor's bill and start taking serious legal actions against the supposedly corrupt officials to help sanitize the system and as well serve as deterrence to any possible future defaulter, be it in your government or any other.

A concerned CITIZEN!


John Mahama's Metaphorical Statement: The Animal Farm

I took my time to watch the video and listen to the trendy comment of the Ex Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama which seem to be making the waves in our political arena currently. He drew a metaphorical statement from George Orwell's allegorical novel tittled animal farm which was meant to reflect events leading to the 1917 Russian revolution.

In a bid to juxtapose the political intent and behaviour of the New Patriotic Party with the promises they made to Ghanaians and the reality on the ground, the Ex President asserted that, "Napoleon and the Pigs said all animals are equal when they started the revolution but when they started enjoying, they have to justify why they were enjoying so they said all animals are equal but some are more animal than others. When they were looking for your votes, President Akufo-Addo said they shall open the opportunities of this country to all Ghanaians, irrespective of their party or ethnic affiliations. He came to power and now that the pigs are enjoying, they say some Ghanaians are more Ghanaian than others".

Now, The major motivation for that comment is very obvious; it was based on a previous pronouncement by the Ghanaian high Commissioner to South Africa (George Ayisi Boateng) where he made it clear and I quote that “A TESCON member is my priority, an NPP member is my priority. We are all Ghanaians but some are more Ghanaian than others. This government is doing its best to create job opportunities and me for instance, I told my people over there [that], it is because of NPP that I’m here, so the NPP man is my priority. I told them when NDC was in power it was Kwesi Ahwoi who was there, now we are in power, so Ayisi Boateng is here with you. My topmost priority is the problems of an NPP person before any other Ghanaian, take it or leave it”.

If you subject the two statements to proper scrutiny based on events narrated in George Orwell's Animal Farm without any political spectacle from the perspective of the high Commissioner, you will attest to the fact that the Ex President's statement was right and wasn't meant to be an insult. But Where I had my problem is the inclusion of Napoleon who is the supposed leader from the allegory. Since the current president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo himself did not in any way agree to the high Commissioner's statement, I personally don't think he should have been included. What are your thoughts on this?

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